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Oland's Export Ale Cone Top Beer Can

OLAND'S EXPORT ALE CANADIAN CONE TOP BEER CAN. From Oland's & Son Limited Halifax Canada. Measures 5 1/2" in height X 2 5/8" in diameter. Can is very scarce. There is some roughness on part of the lithographed portion as per photos. C. 1930's.
PRICE:$195.00   (KCE)

Dawes Black Horse Beer Tray

DAWES BLACK HORSE ALE & PORTER PORCELAIN ENAMEL BEER TRAY. Picture of a quart bottle of Dawes Breweries Black Horse Ale along with their fabulous Percheron horse. Measures 12" in diameter. Colors are very decent. Some bottle burns in lower portion of tray. One tiny nick on green border on outside of tray. Very,very minor. Tray still displays great.
PRICE:$250.00        (KAUX)

Dawes Black Horse Porcelain Serving Tray

DAWES BLACK HORSE ALE AND PORTER 1930'S PORCELAIN SERVING TRAY. Measures 13" in diameter. This Brewery was originally founded in Lachine Quebec and then moved to Montreal. One chip upper left corner and shows very minor wear.
Sold       (KBE)

Brewers Warehousing Company Beer Truck Sign

DELIVERING FOR BREWERS WAREHOUSING COMPANY LIMITED C. 1960'S BEER TRUCK SIGN. This sign is made of masonite and is in near mint condition. Measures 22" in length X 18" in width. The Brewers Warehousing Company Ltd. established in 1927 following prohibition and was created to protect local breweries and owned by every brewer in the province. It later became Brewers Retail/The Beer Store. Scarce brewery collectors item.
PRICE:$225.00        (KAUX)

Dow Ale Stained Glass Window Advertisement

DOW ALE STAINED GLASS WINDOW. Circa 1910. Used in a tavern in Quebec. Framed size measures 491/4" X 31 1/4". Glass size measures 35 1/4" in length X 27" in width. There are several cracked pieces and one piece is broken. We have 90% of broken piece. Very rare Dow Brewery Sign.  Unfortunately we will not  be able to offer shipping on this sign. Take a look at the picture that shows the sign in the front window of the door in this tavern.
PRICE:$1800.00   (KYYX)

Dow Old Stock Ale Porcelain Serving Tray

DOW OLD STOCK ALE 1930'S PORCELAIN SERVING TRAY. Measures 13" in diameter. Tray is in excellent condition but there is a stress crack (not a chip) in bottom left hand corner beside white line. Tray displays like mint.
Sold     (KEN)

Molson's Porcelain Serving Tray

MOLSON'S ALE 1930'S PORCELAIN SERVING TRAY. Measures 13" in diameter. Tiny, tiny nicks in porcelain around the white rim. Displays great.
Sold     (KYN)

Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey Bar Statue

LORD CALVERT CANADIAN WHISKEY PLASTER BACK BAR STATUE. Circa 1930's-1940's. Measures 15" in height . Excellent condition.
PRICE:$185.00  (KPTX)

Old Kentucky Tavern Whiskey Plaster Back Bar Statue

OLD KENTUCKY TAVERN  WHISKEY PLASTER BACK BAR STATUE. Circa 1930's. "OLD KENTUCKY TAVERN STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 100 PROOF BOTTLED IN BOND,GLENMORE DISTILLERIES CO. LOUISVILLE.KY WHERE PERFECTION OF PRODUCT IS TRADITION" This  guy has an uncanny resemblance to Colonel Saunders founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. Statue measures 17" in height X 9" in width X 7" in depth. It is in excellent overall condition with just a couple tiny nicks in plaster. Gold paint is original.
PRICE:$325.00  (KAUN)

P M Blended Whiskey Advertising Thermometer

PM BLENDED WHISKEY ADVERTISING THERMOMETER Circa 1950's. "PM with that clear clean taste!"Blended whiskey 86 proof. 70% grain neutral spirits..National \distillers Products Corp. New York N.Y. Measures 9" in diameter with bubble glass. Thermometer made by National Advertising Products Corp. New York. Neat graphics of bellhop and waiter. Excellent condition.
PRICE:$225.00  (KAEN)

Bartholomay Beer and Ale Glass

BARTHOLOMAY BEER and ALE ROCHESTER N.Y BEER GLASSES. Has winged wheel logo. Glasses are only 4" tall with a 2 3/8" diameter. All lettering and logo have a raised pebbly feel to them. It is not acid etched. We have 2 of these..I am thinking circa 1900.. Very unusual.
PRICE: 1 is mint at $75.00
              2nd one is excellent with tiny flea bites on top rim at $50.00
  OR      Both at $100.00  (KEX-EA)


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